Language Enrichment Programs

Edu-Futuro’s original program (formerly known as Escuela Bolivia) was a well-established academic program focused on Spanish Language acquisition and cultural enrichment. The Program was started by Bolivian parents in 1999 to support their children’s academic achievement. In recent years, Edu-Futuro Spanish School attracted a growing number of native English speakers, who in 2014 constituted 50% of the student population.

Edu-Futuro offered two types of Language Enrichment Programs: (1) a Spanish school that offers virtual classes and classes, usually on Saturdays during the fall and spring semesters (temporarily suspended by Covid-19 disruption,) from 9 am to 12 pm for children from pre-k to 6th grade, and for adults in the evenings, virtually; (2) a summer camp for children ages 4-11 that runs -in general- during the last two weeks of August.

Many families used our Summer Spanish Academy to get to know our year-long enrichment program better before committing to it. Others wanted their children to keep practicing Spanish during the summer and not forget the skills that they have acquired during the previous year, so they sign up their children for the camp as a reinforcement to their online and/or Saturday classes. These programs were the only ones that were not free of charge.

Now, Edu-Futuro is facing other challenges, and you will know about new services soon. Thank you for reading.


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