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Edu-Futuro’s original program (formerly known as Escuela Bolivia) is a well-established academic program focused on Spanish Language acquisition and cultural enrichment. The Program was started by Bolivian parents in 1999 to support their children’s academic achievement. In recent years, Edu-Futuro Spanish School has attracted a growing number of native English speakers, who in 2014 constituted 50% of the student population. This shift in demographics has called for the need to revamp the curriculum, in order to provide for instructional differentiation for native and non-native Spanish speakers, and to promote greater cross-cultural awareness.

Edu-Futuro offers two types of enrichment programs: (1) a Spanish school that offers virtual classes and classes on Saturdays during the fall and spring semesters (temporarily suspended by Covid-19 disruption,) from 9 am to 12 pm for children from pre-k to 6th grade and adults; (2) a summer camp for children ages 4-11 that runs -in general- during the last two weeks of August.

Many families use our Summer Spanish Academy to get to know our year-long enrichment program better before committing to it. Others want their children to keep practicing Spanish during the summer and not forget the skills that they have acquired during the previous year, so they sign up their children for the camp as a reinforcement to their online and/or Saturday classes. It is not uncommon to see children attend both Language Enrichment Programs.

If you have any questions please contact Johana Lopez at or call her at 646-346-3403. Thank you.

Edu-Futuro Spanish School

Edu-Futuro Spanish School promotes cultural awareness through language acquisition with educational practices of a research-based curriculum.

Currently, Edu-Futuro Spanish School started offering classes online. Each semester will have 10 weeks of learning and 2 ends of unit celebrations for students to review and showcase their cumulative projects with other students (whole class instruction). Each week includes a lesson (individually), a live tutoring session (small group instruction), supporting materials, and individualized weekly assessments.

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What? Virtual Spanish and cultural enrichment classes.
Who? Classes for Young Children (Ages 4-7), Children (Ages 8-12), Youth (Ages 13-17), and Adults (18+)
When? Each semester has 10 weeks of learning with live tutoring (with supporting materials and in small groups,) and 2 live review sessions (whole class.)
We will use online tools such as Zoom, Loom, Quizlet, and bitmoji classrooms for our virtual learning classrooms.
How much? $600 per semester and a $30 admin fee.

If you have any questions please contact Johana Lopez at or call her at 646-346-3403. Thank you.

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to our 12-class program? We invite you and/or your child to participate in one of our classes, meet our teachers, and learn more about Edu-Futuro Spanish School. For More Information, please contact Johana.

Here is an example of the topics students will explore in one of our units about schools:

  • Essential question: How do I get to school?
  • Common phrases to study: Asking for directions
  • Topics to discover: Going to school on boats in Peru (Lake Titicaca), walking to school in Paraguay, school buses in Bolivia

Join our Spanish School! Each semester includes 2 units with lesson plans developed for each level and age groups.

Summer Spanish Academy

Our Spanish Academy is an interactive immersion summer camp that builds Spanish language skills for children ages 4 (3 if fully potty trained) to 11. The camp is led by native Spanish speaker teachers who also teach at our Spanish School during the school year.

We offer 2 one-week sessions of Spanish Academy, usually during the month of August. Students work in small groups and focus on language acquisition through arts and crafts, music, cultural activities, and games. The camp is designed for Spanish speakers of all levels: from beginners to native speakers. Child care is available at a cost per hour for each child. For More Information, please contact Johana Lopez at or call her at 646-346-3403. Thank you.


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